Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have a friend from Kurdistan, the Northern part of Iraq, named Razhan Ali. I met him this summer, and I was immediately impressed by his contagiously calm and respective demeanor. We shared incredible conversations, and I had the opportunity to learn about his passion. This guy is incredible. He created a non-profit organization called Vision. The mission statement for his project reads as follows:

"Vision is a non-profit organization devoted to help attain a brighter future through renovating education and awareness. It is composed of young people in this new generation who see the task of helping their society as a dutiful responsibility of theirs. This organization is formed for the purpose of improving education and raising awareness of communal needs and social concerns in our community, country, and the world around us."

I have added the link to the website below. Recently, he has expressed an interest in taking on NewView as a project for Vision. He lives in Sulimany, Iraq, part of Kurdistan which is the Northern section of Iraq. I have learned how diverse the culture is between Northern and Southern Iraq, so this opportunity will give American participants a completey different perspective.

I am so excited for this to work out.

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