Monday, April 4, 2011

Current Situation in Egypt E-mail

American and Iraqi students alike, watched as the this revolution created an enormous influx of media and central attention around Egypt. So, for the month of February, all NewView participants were asked to reflect and share about the current situation in Egypt and the turmoil in the Middle East. This timely issue produced many interesting responses from both the American and Iraqi students.

Here are some excerpts that best summarize the various opinions on this topic:

“Those protesters absolutely have the right to protest if they're feeling there is something wrong with their government because for sure they know better than we do but on the other hand do they know and understand the real meaning of democracy and freedom?” - Zainab (Iraq)

“What will the people do now after getting what they were asking for? What are their plans for the future?! I hope they will make their decision wisely and to have a better leader and a better life.” - Kawyar (Iraq)

“It also affected Iraq and most of all the other middle eastern countries and now they're asking for a new government too. I just hope they knew what they were doing because after all ideas have consequences.”   -  Azheen (Iraq)

“I would love to see the people of these oppressed nations find their freedom, and I think it freedom is a right that all people deserve.” - Danielle (United States)

“Sometimes I take for granted the freedom we have here in the States.” Lindsay (United States)

Please comment/share anything that you agree/disagree with!


  1. It is very interesting to read the differing opinions -- caution in Iraq yet encouragement in the US

  2. It is interesting to see the two different points of view, both hopeful but Iraq maybe a bit more realistic than ours in the United States- very interesting. And Lindsay makes a good point which is something I will continue to work on- appreciating our freedom here. Thanks for all your hard work, Hannah!

  3. The people of Egypt wanted to have the same freedom and opportunities that every country has just like the U.S. they wanted to get rid of a leader who has been leading them for 30 years,, people deserve a simple change and they got it so i'm glad for them